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Pioneering new ideas and strategies that will contribute to the economic growth of the entire Arewa region, to conduct research that will be applied directly to social policy and develop a body of knowledge about social order, economy and change toward regional peace and unity within a safer, environmentally friendly society.


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Restructuring Nigeria is in the interest of Arewa: Atiku Abubakar says restructuring the country is in the interest of the North..

The Five Major Goals of ACRD

  1. Strengthen the Economic Leadership of the Region - Recognizing the economic needs and assets of Arewa region rests, in part, on access to high quality data tools that can produce a comprehensive assessment of the regionís social, economic, educational, demographic and environmental resources.
  2. Strengthen Collaborative Leadership of the Region - Vibrant region depends on a diversity of people and groups contributing to the economic and civic life of their region. In addition, they hinge on the presence of new leaders who are capable of working in partnership with various communities in the region.
  3. Promote Regional Strategy and Planning - Embracing a framework that promotes sound planning and timely decision making is critical to the effective tackling of regional challenges, concerns and opportunities.
  4. Advance Economic Development and Business Growth Strategies - Strong and sustainable economies require the pursuit of an appropriate mix of economic development strategies, especially ones that reduce economic gaps and strengthen a regionís economic assets in a collaborative way.
  5. Tap the Talents of educated Northerners and partner Universities in the region - No matter the complexity of the challenges the region face, ACRD has the capacity to tap from northern resource persons and partner with Universities and other institutions within the region and away.



Strategic Data for Arewa Leaders

Economic development is increasingly an evidenced based process that requires the best data and research tools to stay competitive: important for Arewa Leaders and Organizations.


Arewa Regional Decision Makers

Arewa Demographic Profiles

Untapped Economic Potentials


Economic Development

A process that depends on collaborative problem solving and decision making; building trusting relationships among key players that transform ideas into action.


Era of Collaboration & Partnership

Economic Gardening

Small & Medium Enterprises

Information Technology


Strategy & Planning

Promoting the development of a high quality multi-year plan that builds on the economic strengths of the entire Arewa region and assist in benchmarking & performance monitoring.


Stronger Economies Together

Arewa Strategic Doing

Arewa Center of Excellence


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