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The combined net productivity of just the above 5 people [without any connections in Abuja] - is more than the combined GNP / GDP of not only Nigeria but whole of Africa today... Just imagine what the

over 100 million people in the North can do... So there is hope for [Northern] Nigeria..


January 2017

Meet Jelani Aliyu, Nigerian genius who designed Chevrolet Volt


Jelani Aliyu, hails from Sokoto State, Nigeria and is General Motors Lead Exterior Designer and the designer of the Chevy Volt. General Motors is the world’s largest automobile maker. The car has been described as an American Revolution and one of the hottest concepts in the design line.

Jelani was born in 1966 in Kaduna, to Alhaji Aliya Haidara and Sharifiya Hauwa’u Aliyu. The fifth of seven children, theirs is a very close-knit family. For him, it was an amazing experience growing up in Sokoto, surrounded by the rich culture of the people and the state and enjoying excellent access to the latest and international information.


Meet Jelani Aliyu, Nigerian genius who designed Chevrolet Volt (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Meet Jelani Aliyu, Nigerian genius who designed Chevrolet Volt (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Meet Jelani Aliyu, Nigerian genius who designed Chevrolet Volt (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Meet Jelani Aliyu, Nigerian genius who designed Chevrolet Volt (PHOTOS, VIDEO)


Jelani Aliyu

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From 1971 to 1978, Jelani Aliyu attended Capital School, Sokoto, an excellent school and this served as a very productive educational experience for him. In 1978, he gained admission into Federal Government College, Sokoto, from where he graduated in 1983 with an award as the best in Technical Drawing.

Jelani was privileged to meet and make many good friends from all parts of the country and beyond during this time. He had tremendous encouragement and mentoring from his family and friends and his creative art develop the ed. He drew a lot, designed his own cars, and even built scale models of them, complete with exteriors and interiors.

After FGC, he got admission into the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria to study Architecture, but soon discovered that curriculum did not support his future vision and plans.

After considering other institutions in Nigeria and their academic programmes, he concluded that only one of them had the study criteria that would support his future goals. The institution in which he chose to pursue his education was one he felt offered the best creative programmes and had experience that would give him the best foundation required to study Automobile Design abroad. That institution was the Birnin Kebbi Polytechnic. He was there from 1986 to 1988 and earned an associate degree in Architecture, with an award as Best All-Round Student. While there, he did some in depth research into home design and construction, looking into materials and structures that would be most compatible with our environment and climate; buildings that would stay cool in a hot environment with little, or no artificial electrical air conditioning. Upon graduation from the polytechnic, Jelani worked for a while at the Ministry of Works, Sokoto..READ MORE>>

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Jelani Aliyu – General Motor’s Senior Creative Designer Credited For The Design Of The Chevy Volt


To the well-informed fans of automobile, you probably know that as per January 2014, Chevrolet Volt was voted the most fuel-efficient vehicle in the market currently. This is according to ratings done by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Volt employs a technology that combines electric mode and gasoline consumption of 3.8 L/100 km. The Chevy Volt runs purely on batter-power till the battery capacity drops below a certain threshold level that its internal combustion engine kick-starts and powers an electric generator which will extend the vehicles range. While the engine is running it has the ability to be periodically linked mechanically to the traction motor, which will improve its energy efficiency.  GO>>


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